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Benefits of Implementing IIoT

Cutting Edge IIoT Solutions - Svendborg Brakes Retains Its Position As Global Leading Expert
New software and artificial intelligence enables a more integrated and predictive process which optimizes uptime throughout the whole value chain. Implementing IIoT in our customer solutions, is therefore a natural next step in providing the best possible service and support.

The key IIoT benefits in our world of brakes, power transmission and motion control products, are to reduce unscheduled maintenance and downtime, increase predictive actions and to eradicate root courses for failure. By providing optimization and predictability with actionable insights, it dramatically reduces sudden and unforeseen incidents.

A best practice service maintenance program ensures a 100% focus on LCoE (Levelized Cost of Energy), which unconditionally is the most efficient way of reducing total cost of ownership.

In a nutshell, we connect digital/analog sensors to our “cloud” where data gets calculated and analyzed. It gives a “live-look” of the product's performance and the process efficiency.

Examples of Svendborg Brakes IIoT projects are installations at mine conveyor drive stations, bucket wheel excavators and crane applications. At these assignments, we monitor brake timings and brake torque to ensure they work exactly as intended. We also monitor valves and oil purity as well as we detect if accumulators, motor/pump systems are defect or damaged.

IIoT systems are all about custom-built solutions, and it is easy to retrofit existing systems within all customer segments and industries.

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Learn about how our IIOT solution optimizes uptime and maintenance activities.  Examples from bucket wheel excavators and crane applications where it is crucial to maintain peak productivity throughout.
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Universal Control Case - Remote Support
IIoT Implemented in Brake Systems

Case Story (Article)
IIOT driven maintenance finds the needle in the minestack

IIoT Benefits
Introducing IIoT in the Svendborg Brakes brake systems.

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