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The Altra Renewable Energy family has representation in many countries around the world. Please contact us for more information on our Sales offices and our manufacturing facilities. Altra Renewable Energy is part of the Altra Motion Group.

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By filling out the Contact Form, your request reaches the Altra Renewables Head office from where it will be forwarded to the right person, brand and department.

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Contact details for each of the brands, as well as for Altra Renewables Head Office, See below.

Please complete the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Head Office


Jernbanevej 9

5882 Vejstrup


Email: info@altra-renewables.com

Phone: +45 63 255 255

Fax: +45 62 281 058

Global representations


1802 Pittsburgh Avenue

Erie, PA. 16502-1943


Tel: +1 814 480 5000

Email: info@ameridrives.com

Website: www.ameridrives.com


Hansastraße 120

59425 Unna


Tel: +49 2303 102 0

Email: info@stromag.com

Website: www.stromag.com

Svendborg Brakes

Jernbanevej 9

DK-5882 Vejstrup


Tel: +45 63 255 255

Email: sb@svendborg-brakes.com

Website: www.svendborg-brakes.com


9 Briar Road, Twickenham

Middlesex TW2 6RB


Tel: +44 (0) 20 8894 1161

Email: info@twiflex.com

Website: www.twiflex.com

Warner Electric

449 Gardner St

South Beloit, IL 61080


Tel: +1 800 825 6544

Email: info@warnerelectric.com

Website: www.warnerelectric.com

Renewable Energy Solutions


DESIGN SERVICES is the starting point of the process ensuring that your braking solution is just right for your specific operation.

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PRODUCTS covers our wide range of solutions for your operation. Our extensive testing and product quality is second to none.

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SUPPLY CHAIN SERVICES allows us to meet your needs no matter what they are – and no matter where you are.

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AFTER SALES SUPPORT is your guarantee that we will never let your operation out of mind or sight. We deliver way beyond products.

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